Resources pages

Get access to resources such as

  • Scripts to save you hours of time managing Adwords
  • Access to templates used in agencies to deliver lower cost per sales
  • Videos from Google head offices in London

Free Scripts

There are blogs on this site to explain what scripts are and why to use them. Here are some free ones for you to test

404 Page Checker
Check no ads are going to dead pages with this checker

Trend Overview
Get an overview of performance over the last 12 months  or more to spot long term trends

Snapshot summary
Get an e-mail first thing in the morning with key data for yesterday and how it compares to average for the last 2 weeks

Templates and Checks

Use these framworks that are used every day in agencies to deliver lower cost per sale or leads.

Ad Testing Framework
Struggling for ideas to test new adverts? Get inspired with this testing matrix

Mobile Checklist
Check your campaigns are set up for mobile

Adwords Help Centre
Adwords have really improved their help centre and have a bunch of videos that are worth seeing too

Test Your Landing Page
Sending traffic is just the first part of your online success. Test how good your landing page with an online test