10 Steps of Evolution for Adwords in a Mobile World

By Ricky Solanki, October 20th 2016 in Conversions
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Push have been an Adwords specialist for over 10 years. 2016 has proved a pivotal year in terms of the number of changes and new innovations we have seen in online advertising. This evolution is being driven by the changing way we go online and the continued growth of mobile.
Last month we held a joint event with Google at Google HQ. It was in their Town Hall meeting room with 180 attendees. At this event I presented an overview of the 10 steps of evolution for Adwords in a mobile world. You can find a summary of these steps in this Blog.



 1. 7 Ad Slots instead of 11

In March Google wiped out the right hand side Ads and this meant we lost 40% of ad’s and 4 of these were at the top. This was designed for mobile due to the large migration and increase of searches on such devices. In the image below you can see that 2 adverts stand out as they are using all the extensions. Those in positions 4 or below have seen drop off in traffic but conversions have jumped up. In reality the right hand side was too small a percentage to justify it’s existence. This was the first step to a mobile world.



2. Expanded text ads

Then in June we started adding expanded text ads to accounts. This meant we moved from 95-140 characters giving longer headlines and descriptions. These ads have been optimised for the screen sizes of the most popular smartphones. Expanded text ads have increased CTR by 25%. The standard adverts are shown with the expanded adverts for now but will be retired. We recommend leaving the ad settings on rotate evenly so the best performing adverts show while the expanded adverts build up history.

3. Device bidding makes a comeback

We used to be able to do this and we are so glad Google have brought it back.  We can ensure we have wide coverage and bid depending on how each device performs. Tablet in the main does not perform well but is part of the customer journey so we would typically bid slightly down.

4. Responsive Ads for the display network

Ads need to fit seamlessly within websites and apps so Google have built a responsive Ad maker. We still design the 28 sizes for customers but these responsive Ads are the most popular and allow for quick campaign deployment.

5. Next generation local search Ads

90% of global sales will still happen in store. A third of searches are related or have intent for localisation. If you want to show for any localised search you can promote it to appear in maps based on your Google Plus page. This appears in Google maps app as well as searches on desktop and mobile. Adverts appear above the organic results as below;


6. Accelerated mobile pages

AMP is an open source initiative by Google to deliver better performance for mobile web. Google collaborates with multiple publishers who creates mobile optimized content to deliver it quickly to end users. There will be options to add adverts on these pages but remember a lot of these sites are sites you can already advertise on. So there are 2 opportunities – get your news high up by adding your pages to AMP and / or buy ad spots on sites that feature heavily.

7. Texting Ad Extensions

The UK are one of the world’s largest texting countries. There is now an extension that makes it easy for people to see you advert and contact you by text, as you can see in the Push advert below. Enabling this extension makes it even easier for customers to communicate with you.


8. In Store Extensions added

In store extensions have now been added to shopping adverts, making it easier to either buy or click and reserve straight from your mobile device in a few simple clicks.

9. Maximise mobile consumption on other platforms

Facebook is a key part of the customer journey. It offers different ad formats and in particular video works well on such platforms and video is how more and more data is consumed on mobile devices. Its essential to set up remarketing lists on both Google and Facebook so that anyone who has been to your site from Facebook is a targeted list on Google and likewise any one who has been to your site from Google you target via Facebook. Youtube is now 10 Years old with over 1 billion users glued to watching videos online and over 300 hours worth of video are uploaded every minute. You can easily showcase your business to your target audience for a cost per view under 10p.

10. 50%+ email accounts are now on Gmail

Gmail ads provide a massive opportunity for advertisers. The Gmail ad is focused on an audience, not the current email being read so we can optimize for a specific target audience.
One of the best performing strategies is to bid on your competitors’ domains by uploading them into the keywords section. This means that your ads will appear to those who are receiving emails from your competition.

Ads are native format and we see open rates of 6.6% on average.





Ricky Solanki

Growth Director - Push

Ricky Solanki has worked on over 500+ adwords campaigns. He started working in paid search all the way back in in 2004 and has used that knowledge to build the Push Analyser. Push Analyser is a unique software tool used by his agency Push to deliver exceptional results for small to medium size businesses across the Globe.

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