AdWords Price Extensions Before & After Results For Business Services

By Reece Groves, February 21st 2017 in Ad words
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All data is taken from search only campaigns. Price extensions only show on mobile. Comparing CTR when price extensions show alongside mobile ads, for the last 30 days. The data has been taken from businesses that are service based, and are a mixture price structures using AdWords options of, ‘From’ ‘Upto’ and ‘No qualifier’ price inputs.

We have been running price extensions since late summer 2016 and we have been testing and optimising since. We have seen improvements since first starting testing them and the below is representative of the last 30 days across 10 accounts.

The Results Are Amazing!

When price extensions show alongside mobile ads, on average we have seen a 75.10% increase in Click-Through Rate (CTR). To put that amazing increase into perspective, here is a list of some CTR% increases from other ad extensions:


I have only seen the price extensions show in position 1. Being in top positions for mobile now reaps more of the rewards! If you have price extensions showing on mobile, your ad will take up 80+% of the users mobile screen!

When price extensions first rolled out they looked like this and appeared one on top of each other. Img61

Now they appear in cards that enable the user to slide across to view more cards, enabling an advertiser to add more than 2 or 3. The first 2 or 3 are the most important though and are the ones that will show first, so make them count!

If you are a business that is competing on price amongst your competitors then you will want to show your most affordable service or product first. Price extensions work well for high-value services & products as well, as long as prices are relatively competitive.



Set Up Price Extensions Today

If you are a service based business and want to increase the amount of mobile traffic you get to your site, then this is a no brainer! The date of which this article was published, price extensions were not available the new AdWords interface.

  1. Locate the price extentions option under ad extensions > view: price extentions.


2. Complete the fields. You need at leas 3 options to show the price extensions in your ads. In the example below, we set up 4.



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