Could Google Search Trends Indicate a Strong Labour Performance in The General Election

By Ricky Solanki, June 06th 2017 in Trends
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What are the public searching for?

Google is a main source of information for all voters but probably more so for younger ones. There is a lot of information to get your head around. In the last week we have seen changes in search behaviour with more Labour related searches. Are the public warming to Jeremy Corbyn and interested in what he has to say?

The Conservative party certainly look like they have noticed due to some of their advert responses.

Let’s take a look at the data

Searches by Party

Labour top the number of searches by party taking a staggering 50% of the share of searches related to a party but the SNP are the most popular in Scotland as you would expect with over 40% share and Labour down to 30%

All Data Shown Below From 30th May – 5th June

In the last 90 days this chart shows the interest in Labour growing strong with Labour in blue and Conservative in red.

Who is my MP?

UK voters are voting for an MP of one of the seats in Parliament so knowing your local MP is of course important. When looking at this data you can see once again that more of the public are searching for their local Labour MP.

The All Important Manifesto
(What we will say we will do but probably won’t)

Both parties have their election promises available online. Once again more people are looking for Labours.

What is interesting is what results you get when you search for the Conservative Manifesto.
There is both an advert in place from the Conservatives and a link to the manifesto to ensure those searching get the key messages.

However when you search for the Labour Manifesto the Labour Party have missed a trick. Not only is there no advert in place but the first link is to a PDF. Now if you click that on a mobile which most people will do it is not going to be the easiest thing to read. In fact there are links to send you to articles telling you what is wrong with their manifesto.

There are some adverts appearing from time to time but the Conservatives have an advert to try to discredit Jeremy Corbyn while Labour do not have one except from a supporting website.

The Conservative advert uses a click bait type headline – 9 facts about Jeremy Corbyn everyone need to know. 


Join Which Party?

It looks like the Labour party has many more people looking to join them with a massive share of well over 50%

Who is the Most Popular Leader by Search?

Jeremy Corbyn has been number 1 for virtually the whole last 7 days.

So who will win?

At 9/1 for a Labour win with 2 days to go it seems like a Conservative win is a done deal though it seems with Labours progress there may not be a majority. However even though the polling companies have got it wrong with Brexit and Trump and adjusted their polling they might still get it wrong. The search data shows more people are searching for Labour related information but the advertising tactics of Conservatives might stop those thinking of voting Labour.

The 9 facts might be all anyone remembers but don’t rule out a surprise Labour win.

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