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By Neeraj Maisuria, October 01st 2015 in Ecommerce
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What is Dynamic Remarketing And How Can It Help You?

Not every customer or potential buyer who visits your website looks for the same thing or is ready to buy. By providing each customer or potential buyer ads that are tailored to their demonstrated interests, you can gain quite a lot with Dynamic Re-marketing. For this to work, Google will take into account the activities of a user on your website and then tailor ads for that user based on that activity.

For example, a user who has visit a website to browse fashion earring jewellery may find in the ad, in addition to related products available on the website, the exact same earrings that they had shown an interest in:

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 14.32.45

Start By Creating A Remarketing List

Before being able to make use of Dynamic Remarketing on Google, you will need to add & customise an Adwords remarketing tag. Also, have a working product feed in Google merchant centre and this linked to your Adwords account (See Link).

You may already have a remarketing tag set up. However, for Google to recognise the activity of your visitors, some new attributes must be add & then adjust according to the content on your web pages – see below:

 Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 14.58.22

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 14.55.19

Note: The value provided for ecomm_proid must mirror the ID of the same product in merchant centre. This is how Google finds the data to populate the ads.

Final Step: Create Your Campaign

The next step is to create a Dynamic Remarketing campaign. For this, you will need to work from your AdWords account. To begin, click on the “+Campaign” link and then choose “display network only” and select “get customers to buy on your website (includes remarketing)”.

Before confirming these campaign settings, you must select “use dynamic ads”, under Dynamic Ad Settings. Then you can proceed by configuring the other options as you need.

You will notice Google will give you some new audience lists during this process such as shopping basket abandoners and product viewers. You can then then these lists to target particular interactions.

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