Make a Second Impression with Exit Overlays

By Ricky Solanki, September 13th 2015 in Landing pages and conversion
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You might find exit overlays annoying but they work!

Many businesses rely on their PPC visitors for conversions and often send traffic to landing pages. However, the landing pages generally have only 6 seconds to catch their attention and get them interested  through to desire and action through a  conversion. That was AIDA by the way. Attention – Interest – Desire – Action.  Easy as it might sound, this is the most difficult part faced by businesses, because once abandoned by the visitor there it is likely they won’t get the visitor back to take action. The reasons visitors leave vary from missing key information, too much or too little information, poorly designed sites, bad experience on mobile, distractions. The list goes on.

Having alternative messages, new sales funnels ready through exit overlays increases conversions rates by 1-3%

Exit Overlay Example

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 11.25.33

Different types of overlays

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 11.27.39

Find out what is missing?

Use your search query data and find out what were the keywords leading to the abandoning visitors. This might give you an idea of why they are leaving and may be worth including into the offering on the exit overlays. You can even use a survey as your overlay to find out what your page was missing.

Provide free deals and offers

A common overlay is using freebies and deals. When they come to your website yet are not interested in signing up for your product or service right away offer a free trial just to get them to know you better or a discount.

Ask for their email ID

Create an email list by setting up an exit overlay that asks them for their email id when they are about to leave the page. By sending newsletters and direct marketing emails you can get your second impression at getting a conversion. The long term impact of this strategy is a strategy underused by many marketers.

How to not annoy your visitors with your overlays

  • Ensure you set the overlay to only appear once in an appropriate time e.g. once in 30 days across the site. Make sure this is a site wide setting not each page.
  • You can set it to only show to those that have not converted to a sale or lead on your site.
  • Change your overlay often or have multiple ones running so it does not get boring and just ignored in the future.
  • You can also set overlays to by traffic source. We often only run these to visitors coming from Adwords campaigns or social channels.

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