Facebook Algorithm Change, Priortises Friends’ Posts AKA #Friendmageddon

By Aparna Sidana, July 14th 2016 in Facebook
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Facebook have changed their newsfeed algorithm, favouring personal posts over news stories. This means on your newsfeed you are more likely to see a post from your Facebook friend – which has had a lot of interactions (likes, reactions and comments), over a post you may potentially find interesting, but has not been posted by a friend.

What This Means For Your Business?

As a business, when you post something on your timeline, it is less likely to reach your target audience – unless, of course, you boost your post – in other word unless you pay Facebook to show your post to a wider audience.

This may in fact be a clever strategy on Facebook’s behalf. Businesses became reliant on Facebook’s free platform as in essence they were advertising for free. Now, Facebook have taken away that benefit and want businesses to pay for the same traffic.

Though it is not a direct consequence, advertisers will face a knock-on effect of this algorithm change.

Now that many businesses are paying for their post to target their audience, advertisers will now need to make sure ads are more relevant, interactive and targeted than ever before.

Facebook Newsfeed Values

In its press announcement Facebook stated the purpose of the newsfeed is to be subjective, personal and unique to each user. In order to achieve this Facebook have defined three newsfeed values:

  1. Friends and Family come first. The top priority of the newsfeed is to connect people with their friends and family.
  2. Your newsfeed should inform. Stories in the newsfeed should be meaningful to each individual user.
  3. Your newsfeed should entertain. Stories in the newsfeed about interests and hobbies can also be relevant to a user.

What’s Next?

Facebook believe their work is only 1% finished and are working towards constant iteration, according to their press announcement.  As Facebook continuously look to improve, we look forward to many changes within the Facebook platform.

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