Why Getting Remarketing Should Be Your New Years Resolution

By Jai Khan, December 02nd 2015 in Uncategorized
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What is Remarketing      

How many times have you been shopping and told the eager sales assistant, standing there salivating over the thought of you making a purchase, that you are going to “come back”.

That they are the “first shop you’ve been to”, that you’d like to “look around” or like to have a “little think”.

Maybe you will return, maybe you won’t. The point is that all they can do is hope they have given you the best experience possible and that when you are ready to part with your hard earned cash it will be with them.


What if they followed you out of the store, into other shops, standing and staring at you with their puppy dog eyes, holding up those items you were considering as you browse for something better/cheaper.

In real life this would probably be incredibly creepy and you’d call security / have a restraining order filed against them, but actually, this is exactly what is already happening to you online. It’s just (and thankfully so) a little more subtle. Despite people’s reservations about using remarketing, there is a reason so many people are using it. It’s because it works!

Why Should I Use It

Unlike a human being stalking you, remarketing simply shows you a harmless text or image based advert. It can be used as:

  • A reminder of what you previously looked at.
  • A way of offering some alternatives you might not have considered.
  • A special offer, not previously given, to entice you to come back and make a purchase.

You only pay if the customer comes back.

We often see with remarketing campaigns that the adverts get lots of impressions (which means they are seen by people) but a smaller percentage actually click them in comparison to your typical search adverts. However since you only pay per click that’s pretty much free brand awareness for your business, just think how much it would cost you to pay for a billboard to do the same thing!


Adwords gives you the power to track when someone sees an advert, doesn’t click it, but comes back to the website themselves later. If they convert (make a purchase or fill out a form etc.) then this gets tracked as a view through conversion.

The costs per click are cheap

Google recognises that this is a list of people who have already been to your website. Some you may have already had to pay for using Google (or dare I say Bing/Facebook) and so one thing you will see is that the cost per click for a remarketing campaign is generally much cheaper than the original costs per clicks you may have paid. This is incredibly useful in industries that have lots of competition and face high costs per clicks.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 14.39.43

You choose who you target and how often

Remarketing gives you the ability to target people based on their actions on your website. You can target people who engage and people who don’t with different messages and you can decide how long you want to target them for and how often you want them to see your advert each day.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 14.46.45

If you aren’t there, someone else will be

Remarketing adverts appear across the Google display network which is a network of sites that have basically told Google “you can put your adverts on my site and pay me if someone clicks on them”. If you don’t want to put your advert there, you can bet there is a competitor out there who would be happy to take your spot.

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How Do I Get Started

Getting remarketing set up isn’t difficult and you can follow Google’s instructions or give them a call for help. Making sure your remarketing is effective is another story and for that I’d recommend you speak to a good agency.

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