Give them some time, but Bing are getting expanded ads!!!

By Monique Anderson, June 27th 2016 in Ad copy
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When Google Expanded ads were announced, I felt things could go 1 of 2 ways:

  1. It would make CTRs amazing and allow us to really highlight customer KPIs
  2. Potentially less ad space on the page and an increased CPC

Another question we had: Can we still download campaigns with expanded ads into Bing?

Last week Bing announced that Expanded Text ads would be compatible with their platform!

The new and improved longer ad format can be carried over into Bing, or changed in the interface. This is great for advertisers as you can look at your messaging on a higher level across Bing and Google. We know how important a fair ad copy test is, and this announcement has made life that little bit easier. No longer will we have to juggle two different text formats across advertisers.

So, what is actually changing?

The current headline character limit is 25. This will now be split into two 30 character ad titles separated with a hyphen. Basically, you could have a headline with up to 60 characters. I’ll let that sink in for a moment!

The actual ad text will increase to 80 characters which will be a natural shift for Bing, as their format is to have one description field.


Another great thing is the display url will be customisable buy using a directory sort of format after the actual domain. Perfect example below!


Bing are working very closely with their net of web and API partners to get this rolled out as soon as possible. At the moment it’s looking as though the change will happen before the end of summer…looking out the window it should be arriving any time now! The Bing Ads web UI and Editor will take a little longer, so watch this space!

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