Google Marketing Live 2018

By Grant Barber, July 11th 2018 in Ad words
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Push is one of a small number of UK Advertising Agencies invited to Google Marketing Live 2018.  Last night was the keynote speech in San Jose. Google executives announced several initiatives, all of which are powered by machine learning and take automation to another level. If you thought the new interface was a big change take a sneak peek at what’s coming next….

Cross Device Marketing

Coming soon to analytics, new reporting on cross device activity will allow advertisers to get extremely useful insights and conversion data on customers searching on one device and returning on another. With this you’ll be able to now target remarketing to someone visiting on their phone on their desktop.

Responsive Ads for search

We are currently running these in BETA but they look like they’ll soon be rolled out. Currently only available in English speaking countries on beta, these ads will allow you to write 15 different headlines and multiple description lines and Google will mix and match using machine learning to decide which ads work best. This will save huge amounts of time setting up split testing. Not only do they save time, The ads will also sometimes show 3 headlines and 2 descriptions meaning you can almost double the amount of content you can fit in your ads.

Hotel Ad Campaigns

Previously hotels could create these using a third party provider. This looks to now be a thing of the past. These new campaigns will take your hotel inventory and allow marketeers to bid in the hotel ad space and allow customers to check dates, prices and book directly through these ads without even reaching your website.

New Smart Campaigns

These campaigns are designed for small business without the time or knowledge to quickly start advertising online. This will replace Adwords Express. Businesses will be able to set up their account and start advertising in just a couple of minutes and will not have to worry about finding keywords or writing ads. Google will scan the website and do this for you! A new product later down the line is also in creation for businesses that don’t even have a website. where Google will generate one for you with tracking set up included.

Automated Feeds

Struggling to set up a product feed? This could be a problem of the past! Google will soon launch a new automated feed tool that will scan your website and set up the feed for you. It will then allow you to set up the new SMART shopping campaigns (often known as Universal shopping campaigns) which essentially manage your shopping campaigns completely through machine learning.

Google is also partnering with Shopify to allow management and creation of shopping campaigns directly through their platform without even logging into Google Ads.

Trueview to Action

Many advertisers using trueview Youtube ads often struggle to justify the marketing spend due to no conversions or direct response from their campaigns. The new True view to action will allow calls to actions to appear at all times when the video is showing like ‘buy now’, ‘get a quote’ etc. Google will also soon be launching Trueview form ads too which will allow conversions to come directly from your ad.

Maximize relevance and performance on YouTube

People watch over 1 billion hours of video on YouTube every day. They are tuning in for inspiration and information on purchases large and small. For example, nearly 1 in 2 car buyers say they turn to YouTube for information before their purchase. Machine learning helps to turn that attention into results on YouTube. Google is rolling out Maximize lift to help  reach people who are most likely to consider your brand after seeing a video ad. This new Smart Bidding strategy is also powered by machine learning. It automatically adjusts bids at auction time to maximize the impact  video ads have on brand perception

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