Googles Latest Change To Ad Extension Prioritisation! First come, first serve..

By Charlie Carroll, April 28th 2016 in Ad copy
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In 2013 Google introduced  a new feature to help provide more information for potential customers and additional ways for them to respond. We know these now as ad extensions.


Extensions were primarily given only to those at the top of the page and essentially became a benefit of having a high Ad Rank. Overnight the importance of Ad rank increased enormously shifting the dynamics in every auctioning by giving those with a higher position more advertising space, larger more eye catching ads, new features and highlighted direct links and more. All of this has a significant impact on your CTR’s which of course in turn effects your quality score and in the end bid prices yada yada yada.
However have you ever been in top position, know you’ve applied all your ad extensions to all your campaigns and yet when you do a search you have zero showing and your competitors below have all of theirs and completely dominate the top of the page? So not only are you paying more per click but you aren’t even getting the benefits!


Extensions 1

Well now that’s a thing of the past. Google last week changes their Ad Rank algorithm to prioritise ad extensions to higher ranking ads. Finally the randomness of ‘will they, won’t they’ show if you’re at the top has been banished. If you’re are paying the premium and have everything set up you can be safe in the know that you will be prioritised.

No longer can your agency claim ‘I don’t know why they’re not showing’ if you’re in the top 2. Chances are they haven’t been added!


So what does this mean for you?


   1 – It’s becoming even more important to be in the top 4, and now even more so in the higher positions.

   2 – Following the right hand side removal ads at the bottom have started showing ad extensions too however there is no guarantee.


Extensions 2


3 – If you are in the top three it’s good news for you! Expect CTR’s to improve and ensure you are keeping on top of the new extension type features as often as possible!

   4 – With more priority and likely more of the extensions you have set up running together if you are high in ranking, ensure there is no duplication of messaging across the different formats and you have prioritised your messaging effectively. I.e. Don’t have your most crucial messaging as your 4th callout/sitelink and don’t have the same messaging in your sitelinks and callouts and snippets. They should all be unique and tailored to the searcher.

   5 – Finally, Keep your Branding campaign/keywords in number 1! Anyone advertising under your brand in position two will likely have equal ad space to you now and every feature they have that you don’t is distracting potential customers and taking away more of your ad space.
Extensions 3

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