Seven essential strategies to PPC success. Don’t make the mistakes most people do.

The first thing to really take home about Adwords is that you get rewarded for the time and effort you put into your campaigns. Google are changing and adding tools at a fast pace and many advertisers are just not keeping up.

As an agency Push  have audited over a 1000 adwords campaigns and 95% are under performing because they have been not set up right in the first place and then are destined for failure as they are impossible to manage and grow going forward.

There are some basics that need to be in place that gives you a platform to build and grow from.


1. You should have no campaigns that are enabled to both the display and search networks. 

If you do, your budget is being split across display (banners on other sites) and search (Google) and you can’t control your budget to spend more on search. Search will almost always have a better response so you want search only targeted campaigns. When you first set up your account on Google by default you would have been enabled to both.


2. Is your Google Analytics account linked to Adwords? 

If you don’t have Google Analytics set up yet you need to do this first. By linking them we can bring data over into adwords to help analyse the campaigns better.


3. What are you measuring?

No campaign is worth running unless you track the return. You should either import your goals from analytics once linked or add some conversion code to your success page e.g. order success page or a contact form is filled in.

To check what you have set up or to create new one go to Tools and Analysis in the Top Navigation in Adwords and click conversions.


4. Where are you adverts going?

If you have adverts set up make sure that not all are going to the home page. Specific Products and Services should go to the relevant page for that search term on your site.


5. Do you have at least 2 adverts in every ad group? 

By split testing adverts you can test different messages to see what works better to generate conversions and increase the number of people clicking on your advert.

If you do not have at least 2 then add new adverts to each any every active ad group.


6. Have you made a remarketing list?

This is so you can remarket your services to anyone who has visited your site.

By having these lists set up you are ready to do this at any time and it takes time to build the list before you can use it so best to set this up now.You need to generate the code from adwords and put it on every page on your website.


Seven Strategies to Success on PPC

Over 7 days we will e-mail you the seven strategies we use every day to get outstanding results for businesses from PPC.