How Are You Utilising Geographical Data?

By Monique Anderson, June 07th 2016 in Landing pages and conversion
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Many advertisers make the oversight of targeting the whole of the UK when more often than not they cannot service or deliver outside of England. When you’re hashing out KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), understanding the physical location of the customer is key.

Really ask yourself. Is the recommended geographical targeting setting right for your campaign?

First thing you need to ask is…

How important is the potential customer’s physical location at time of engagement?  Say you’re a flower delivery company and can only deliver within a 10 mile radius of Central London, it’s essential that you look at the customer’s physical location when deciding on the best targeting method.

However, what if they wanted to send flowers to a friend who does not live within the 10 mile radius?

If you are simply bidding on the term “flower delivery” you could open yourself up to wastage that only a daily search query report will control! It’s important you consider location terms in your keyword targeting as well as where the customer is based.


When you choose the Google recommendation of “people in, searching for, or who show an interest in my targeted location”, this means you are not only targeting people who are based in your location, but also people who have shown an interest in that location.

For example if you were running a campaign targeting the UK, but someone’s physical location was in America. If they were looking to travel to the UK they could be viewing pages about the targeted location, meaning they will have exposure to your ads.

For a travel company this could be great for international and long haul flights. Another option would also be suitable –  “People searching for, or viewing pages about my targeted location”, would target people interested in the location you have chosen to target, but would not physically be located there.

What about a B2B company who only operates within the UK? How much wastage could be accumulated from people clicking on your ads from outside the UK?

If so, what you need to do is target “people in my targeted location”.  This will only target people who are physically located in the areas you have chosen to target.

When utilising the Geographic view in dimensions it can be somewhat overwhelming with all the different touch points:

  • Country/Territory
  • Region
  • Metro Area
  • Town City
  • Most Specific Location
  • Location Type



This is a great way to see Geographical data of where your ads are showing, and if you accumulating wastage.

There is a quick and easy way to see more top level insights and performance per location. Simply remove the additional columns not needed and keep the city only. This will amalgamate the data for you. Just click on the X for any columns you don’t want.


This will then change the view.


DATA TIP: If you’re an excel lover like myself, the first thing you will want to do with the data, is download and create a pivot table. You can also add segments to the data when you download if want to go really in depth!


So please remember, the default setting might not always be for you!

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