How Improving Landing Pages For Adwords PPC Increases Your ROI

By Ricky Solanki, September 17th 2015 in Landing pages and conversion
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PPC isn’t just about creating a well-structured detailed AdWords account with amazing ad copy, oh no!

The second half of PPC is matching up your PPC keywords and ad copy with specific relevant landing pages, to achieve your goals.

When starting with Google AdWords it is critical that you go into it with the mindset that not only do you need to invest in setting up an AdWords account itself but match that effort by making the best possible landing pages so that you squeeze out every penny spent on AdWords advertising costs and thus increasing your ROI.

To get the best possible ROI you need to create landing pages to match up with your carefully created adgroups and ads.


We first need to understand how Google determines what position they will display your ad.

Your ad goes into an auction every single time someone types in one of your keywords you have included in your account. Every time this happens Google is determining your ad position by something called Ad Rank. Ad Rank is Google’s own calculator to determine whether your ad will appear in position 1, 2, 3 etc. To determine positioning of your ad it uses, your bid, expected impact of ad extensions, and quality score and in relation to landing pages, quality score us most relevant.

Quality Score


Quality score is a number between 1 and 10. 10 Being the best. If you have a low quality score (we perceive 5 or lower to be too low) than you will be paying more per click and end up increasing your CPC to get the same ad position, as someone with a higher quality score. Here at Push we typically say (although it differs for keywords and industry) anything with a quality score 5 or lower, needs serious attention. Anything above that is doing OK, but obviously the goal is to reach 10, but this can sometimes be incredibly difficult!

Quality is broken down into 3 elements and they are:
− Expected Click Through Rate
− Ad Releveance
− Landing Page Experience

In this post we will obviously be covering the landing page experience element, which is a vital part in the quality score and keeping Google ‘happy’ but in doing so, you will be increasing your chance of conversions as well… which means getting a better ROI!


landing page experience

Your landing page needs to tick the boxes that Google outline. Once covered then your ad will be shown more often in higher ad positions whilst not paying an increased CPC. This is how it works…

Google always pushes their big 4 landing page quality factors:

– Relevant and original content,
– Transparency, and
– Navigability
– Landing page load speed

Google is literally forcing advertisers into making quality websites that Google users will find useful and relevant, if advertisers want to continue to supersede the competition. If Google presents quality websites to their users, then users of Google will be happy and keep on coming back to use their search engine. It’s part of what makes them the best search engine in the world!

If your making efforts to adhere to Relevancy, Transparency, Navigability and Lowering Page Load Speeds then wouldn’t that mean actually your website will have improved conversion rates? Well to a certain extent, yes! There are other factors that improve conversion rate on a landing page but Google’s big 4 will go a long way to help. [Link to: Landing Page Conversion Rate Guide]

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Which of The Following Do You Use

So having low quality score means your will be paying more then another competitor for an ad position the same or lower.


The art of a/b testing your landing pages means you don’t have to get your landing pages optimised fully from the start but Google takes into account how your account performs historically. So…

Account History

If you have already created your AdWords account and you noticed that you had lots of keywords with low quality scores, and you leave them as they are for a long period of time (weeks or more), then simply put, it will be harder to improve quality score and any new keywords added would by default begin on the back foot. To find out what your quality score is for any given keyword see the below image.

Go into your account and go down into keyword level, and hover your mouse over the speech bubble. Then you will uncover the 3 main elements of what makes Adwords quality score and the score between 1 and 10.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 14.21.30

If You Have  Low Quality Scores What Can You Do?!

Why Don’t I Just Create a New AdWords Account and Start Over?

Unfortunately it is against Google’s policy to start up in a new account with the exact same business details.

So What Do You Do?

There is no easy way around it I’m afraid. Bite the bullet and take a look at your ad relevancy and ad quality, keywords, plus landing page experience. It could take months for you to see the results of positive changes to improve quality score. But if you follow Googles Quality score recommendations including Google landing page recommendations you will be on your way to lower CPC’s and therefore you will spend less to get the same amount of visitors, which will lead to more chance of converting more and increasing ROI.

Google’s 2 Stages Of Reviewing Your Landing Page

1. Google’s ‘bot’s’ crawl your landing page as soon as you submit your new ad and gets approved. It gives a quality score based on history of the account. After a few days or even weeks the quality score will get calibrated, moving up and down before settling on a number. This is still the automatic quality scoring system Google implies.

2. There is no set time when your landing page may get reviewed by a manual reviewer, nor will you be told about it but if you suddenly see a change in quality score without you changing anything to affect it, then it could be a manual review. We have found that some industries are more closely guarded then others and get reviewed more than others so, Ignore Google Landing Page Experience Guidelines At The Expense of ROI!

If you think your landing page experience score is still being unfairly scored than you can contact Google and ask for guidance. They will not tell you exactly what is wrong and how to change it but will guide you in the right direction.

Thanks for reading, if anyone has had any experience with quality score changes, good or bad, in their own accounts please share by commenting below…

Ricky Solanki

Growth Director - Push

Ricky Solanki has worked on over 500+ adwords campaigns. He started working in paid search all the way back in in 2004 and has used that knowledge to build the Push Analyser. Push Analyser is a unique software tool used by his agency Push to deliver exceptional results for small to medium size businesses across the Globe.

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