How To Increase B2B Leads

By Sam Collins, February 21st 2018 in Uncategorized
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Increasing B2B leads on accounts where the industry also has a significant B2C market can be tricky. How many times have you been frustrated with the quality of leads coming through? Business leads are typically higher value leads and more desirable. Here’s are some expert strategies we use to win big at B2B

Adding Strategic Negatives

We advise being a lot more aggressive with negatives, particularly those with a high amount of clicks and no conversions. It is possible to identify B2C terms, particularly with more long tail search terms. Let’s take the 3D printing market as an example. It is important to do your research. There is a market for those interested in 3D printing for themes associated with fantasy, comics, figurines, dolls and action figures. This is not a market we are after if we want high quality B2B leads. Negative these keywords. Adopt the attitude “Our website is built for B2B leads and we want to limit wasted clicks here.”

Terms like “free” and “cool” are other keywords we should stay clear of as they are very consumer orientated and for a lot smaller projects.

Example Search Terms We Do Not Want:

what is 3d printing
3d printed heads
3d printed head
free 3d printing
3d printed elf on a shelf
3d printed figurines
3d printed faces
3d printed dolls
3d printed miniatures

Tips for pre-qualifying Ad Copy for B2B

  • Use target persona language in your ad copy to target specific stakeholders.
  • If you work with specific verticals/industries, say so in your ads.
  • Pricing- disqualify companies who may not have the budget for your offering. For example “Prices start from £349”.
  • Include the word “Business” in your ad copy and if appropriate business size.

Utilising Ad Scheduling and Device Targeting

Create duplicates of campaigns and target desktop 9-5 to increase the likelihood of attracting B2B leads. Decide how much budget you want to weight to this accordingly.

Keyword Targeting

Sticking with the prototype production industry let’s look at “Plastic mould” keywords. At a first glance, plastic moulds can include things such as plastic panels on a very broad area. We may need to exclusively target “plastic moulding” or more specifically “plastic moulding services” “plastic moulding companies or keywords along the lines where a business requires something to undergo moulding process rather than a consumer needing a piece of “plastic mould” for something.

Business Acumen

Sometimes in PPC you have to use your gut or your business nous. Sticking with the prototype production industry, keywords containing “Injection Moulding” are more clearly keywords you’d associate with B2B campaigns as “injection moulding” doesn’t appear to be something a consumer would search for in high volume. It is a technical specialised search term. Take these points into account when allocating your campaign budgets.