Improving Your Copy With Ad Matrix

By Reece Groves, October 05th 2015 in Ad copy
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Why Focus on Ad Copy?

Well, having awesome ad copy can ensure you only generate relevant visitors to your website. You need to have multiple variations of an ad and whenever you find that the performance of one advert is a winner, you have to crank it up again by changing the copy. This is an ongoing process.

The main metric for ad copy is CTR but there are cases where you have to ignore it if your advert actively discourages people to click.

Continuously improving your ad copy allows you to stay on top of your game:

For example if you were advertising under money transfer services but only dealt with big payments over £3k it is better to have this in the advert than to generate clicks from those that don’t hit this minimum.

This test may show a decrease in CTR but and increase in sales/leads.

If you have an adcopy theme that is working well. Make a duplicate and change just one aspect.

What can you change?

  • Add a !
  • Change a word e.g. Fast to Quick
  • Change words like today to Now
  • Add a number e.g. In stock to 2 in Stock.
  • Talk to the searcher e.g. Free Guide. Download today. to
    Download Your Free Guide Today

Take on Your Competition

Go to Google, search for the keywords that you have listed for your ads and look at the other ads  that show up. See if you can put something in your ad that will make it more appealing than the other ads. Never sacrifice your positioning and brand just to get a click. You only want visitors that are likely to convert when they come to your site.

Experiment With Your Calls to Action

Every ad copy will have a call to action, something like “buy now”. However, you can stand out from your competition by trying to use a different kind of call to action. Instead of just asking your potential customers to “choose” you, what you can do is to encourage them to choose you by providing them more information. You can say “learn more”, for instance.

Tell the Users What Makes You Different

Your ad copies should include a unique selling proposition (USP): it tells everybody what makes you different from your competitors. You can try different USPs and figure out which one works best.

Change the Order

Do you always talk about the benefits of choosing you before you put in your call to action in your ad copy? If so, change that. Start with your call to action and then talk about the benefits. See if it helps.


Relevancy is extremely important. The headline of your ad and that of its landing page should be the same. The URLs that you display can also be used to let the user know where they will be going to. And, don’t forget to include a keyword of your ad group in your ad copy.

Ad Copy Matrix

This a copy matrix helps you when you are stuck looking for ad copy changes to test or building ad’s in the first place.

Follow this rule to make testing simple

  • Headline :    Include keywords with highest impressions in that ad group.
  • Line 1 :          Benefits of your product or service.
  • Line 2 :          Killer call to Action. Why to click your advert.
  • Display Url : Add keyword to url

This ad follows that rule

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 10.09.55

Think of your advert like this

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 10.12.01

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