The 3 Best Keyword Tools to Aid Your PPC Ad Campaigns

By Ricky Solanki, September 02nd 2015 in Keywords
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Why do you need keyword tools?

Users search for the same thing in a variety of ways. Some search queries are more popular than others and it is important to keep track of the latest trends. Keyword tools can help you to identify current popular search queries, using which you can better implement you PPC ad campaigns.

Keyword trends are ever-changing:

Mobile is leading to more how to type searches and using predictive search queries from Google. Searchers are using longer tail terms more and more as they know they are more likely to get a result better suited to what they are looking for.

Here are the best ones I like using.

1) Amazon

While not really a keyword tool by itself, Amazon’s website can still provide you some help in choosing keywords. Type in a search term like “Nike trainers” and, along with providing relevant results, the site also provides a section called “related searches” just above the results. In addition, the site’s structure also tells you that “Nike trainers” are listed in seventeen departments. This way, you know who all are possibly looking for the product and what are they considering when they are searching for it. For example, from the list of departments, you will find that users may search for athletic shoes or outdoor shoes or running shoes.

The image below shows how useful Amazon can be:

Amazon Keywords

2) Wordstream Keyword Tools

Wordstream offers a set of free keyword tools, though only for a limited number of uses. The keyword tools will offer a large number of suggestions along with providing you a set of data for each keyword suggestion. You just have to enter you seed keyword to get started. You can also buy a subscription plan to view all the available data. With the free usage, you only get the relative frequency of the keyword suggestions but with the full version, you also get details of competition and search volumes.

3) Keyword IO

Keyword IO has saved us hours of time with it’s large database. Best of all you can see how search terms vary across Google, Bing, App Store and Youtube. It is interesting to see how these differ.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 15.55.42What I love most is that there Keyword Tool uses Autocomplete to get keywords that are hidden in Google keyword planner.

Keyword Tool Pro gets 19 keyword suggestions from Google Autocomplete for a single search query.

Most search engines, including Google have a feature called Autocomplete. Every person that searches something online uses it everyday. Usually, only the most popular and relevant keywords make their way into the Autocomplete. That is why many experts agree that it is an extremely valuable source for keyword ideas. We used to manually do this in our agency as these phrases are often the best performing ones.

With one quick search you can build your campaign and ad group themes.

Though what we find most useful from the guys is actually the amount of negatives we can find off the bat to ensure as an efficient as possible campaign from the get go.

You can export the data into csv and play around with it. The free version will give you the queries but not the volumes.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 16.04.48

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