Life Event Targeting Is Now Available To AdWords Users

By Renisha Mehta, February 08th 2018 in Ad words
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Google has recently introduced life event targeting onto the display network and also made it easier for you to reach the correct audience.

Life event targeting allows us, advertisers, to reach people at key moments of their life as they hit peak purchasing points. Therefore, making our ads and products more appealing to a need-based customer – these are customers who have a specific intention to buy a particular product.

How is life event targeting beneficial?

Consumers going through life events are much more likely to have similar purchase needs than consumers that are merely in the same age, gender or income demographic.
There are 3 life event lists split up into the categories below:


You can pinpoint users before or after the event to maximise the efficiency of your targeting, eg. Moving soon and people who have recently moved.

Key points you should know:

  • Life Events are powered by search histories
  • Audience list will be smaller than other audience targeting methods as it is hyper-targeting users in small windows of opportunity
  • Must be set up at ad group level
  • Life events can be layered different audience lists such as affinity audiences, remarketing lists or similar audiences to further refine your target audience
  • Life Events can also be added as an exclusion. However, this can be set up on campaign or ad group level

Give Push a call if you need any more information about life events and how taking advantage of this targeting can boost your sales.