New Adwords Interface, An Early Preview Ahead of The Q2 Release

By Charlie Carroll, February 13th 2017 in Ad words
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An Introduction to Adwords Next

In Q2 Google will roll out a major change to the interface of AdWords, a product that hasn’t had a significant update for nearly 5 years. As an award-winning Premier Partner, we have access to the new user interface across our accounts.

The change will not alter the core functionality of AdWords it is a pure interface design change. We think the change could help advertisers reach across the spectrum of search, display, shopping, mobile and video more easily. Google’s label for the new interface is Adwords Next.

Whenever we see such changes there tends to be some confusion in the PPC World and a lot of discussion points generated in the Push office. We thought it would be beneficial to compile these points into a quick blog of points our Account Managers like about the interface change together with a few concerns they have.

A Big Thumbs Up For

  • The data is laid out a lot better with nicer graphs. Less clutter makes it easier to digest the information.


  • The graphs on the main summary is helpful to quickly see what devices, time/day, location are working well


  • Search & Display are now clearly defined and have their own sections that are filtered
  • Ads & Ad Extensions combined into one view. We would look to drive uptake in use of ad extensions and a preview of how the ad extensions look alongside the main ad copy will decrease errors, and duplication across the main copy and ad extensions.


  • Opportunities tab is far more prominent and easier to get to. Opportunities are categorised at each level from ad group to campaign, which is very handy when developing new ideas to enhance an ad group or campaign.
  • Liked the explanation snippets popping up on metrics/messages.
  • Really liked the overview page that you can do a quick analysis to understand major metrics on various devices and time zones.
  • Liked the feature looking at campaign level showing ad group bids are underneath so you know you need to remove these for the campaign level to take action.



Thumbs Not Quite Up Yet For

  • Difficult to initially figure out where all the options are
  • Some ideas from the opportunities tab are not always good suggestions, so people with less experience in AdWords could see performance and ROI decline.
  • There are still some things that do not seem to of made the transition, or at least not yet. Like some ad extensions, but this may be fixed at Q2 launch
  • There used to be a lot of valuable information under ‘dimensions’ but this doesn’t appear to be on the new interface. The dimensions tab was very useful for excel lovers. It gave you a way to really delve into the data and see trends against metrics you see most desirable
  • Can’t see how shopping will work yet?
  • Unable to download reports, though again may be fixed for release
  • Difficult to work with the extensions because they are all on one page – was more organised on the old interface
  • Can’t find the dimensions tab or see remarketing lists & goal set up. Could not find Audience lists & Display planner
  • There is no quick and easy way to conduct a data dump which you may want to pass onto the customer or used internally
  • Could not find Audience lists & Display planner
  • Adding and removing columns feels more complex now
  • It doesn’t have the analytical depth to quickly spot trends and optimisations
  • Not a fan of not seeing the totals and averages of the views at the top
  • When trying to download/export the function seemed greyed out a lot, may be fixed at launch
  • On display, it is not so easy to navigate to find targeting/placements


An average score from our team was:

User-friendly 4/5

Navigation 3/5

Features 4/5

Design 4/5

We think that power users will love it and that a lot of the points we have under thumb not quite up may switch to thumbs up if they are fixed before launch

Users who are newer to AdWords may like the sleek look, however, the new interface will need a lot of time, effort and training in order to maximise the results from your online advertising campaigns.

Push are the EMEA Winner of Google’s Highest Customer Satisfaction Award and we live and breathe Adwords. If you face issues using the new interface and need our help please get in touch and we would be happy to give you our feedback. We have 10 years of experience in developing and rolling out our own internal tools that maximise our customers’ results online.

Charlie Carroll

Search Director - Push

Charlie is our results focussed Customer Relationship Director. He loves data and has over 10 years of experience managing all aspects of PPC. He runs our PPC team and his passion is ensuring our customers have long term relationships with Push. Likes extremely spicy food and is constantly eating.

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