One of the largest changes to AdWords in over a decade.

By Charlie Carroll, May 31st 2016 in Ad copy

Yesterday Google announced some of the biggest changes to Adwords since its inception. A link to the webinar on these changes is below and we have summarised some of the key elements in our email.

Please click the attached to view our webinar on this topic – Largest Changes to Adwords In Over A Decade Webinar Link

As well as the introduction of many new features the entire interface is being redesigned. Whilst this is going to be gradually rolled out over the rest of the year it’s important to be prepared and understand the impact this will have.

We’ve put together a short webinar to inform and analyse these exciting new developments and show you some early screenshots highlighting how it will look.

Summarising the three key points :

  • For the first time in 15 years the entire Adwords interface is changing – A more graphical user journey based view will be used to view the important data much faster with less clutter.


  • Ad text formats are changing –  There have been small changes here and there on how text ads are viewed like pulling description line 1 into the headline and, adding more extensions. However, Google have never tried changing the specifications completely. Now they are. Ad space for text ads is increasing by 50%! That’s huge! The more information an advertiser can give to a prospective customer the better the search experience and longer ads have significantly improved click through rates. This is something we will go into more detail in the future but it’s a very exciting prospect.

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  • Separate bidding for mobile and tablets – For those of you that remember the introduction of enhanced campaigns, we used to have the ability to have separate campaigns for mobile, tablets and desktops. Each allowed different budget and bids. If you currently find tablets are not performing well or are generating you far more conversions than other devices there is pretty much nothing you can do. For e-commerce advertisers that generate a lot of leads/sales through ‘arm chair’ tablet shoppers in evenings there is now a big opportunity on the way.


In the link below we’ve put together a quick webinar to go through everything mentioned above. If you have any other questions please get in touch.

Please click the attached to view our webinar on this topic- Largest Changes to Adwords In Over A Decade Webinar Link

I’m sure you’ll find it interesting and it really is exciting news. We plan to move very quickly on all new changes and features.

Charlie Carroll

Search Director - Push

Charlie is our results focussed Customer Relationship Director. He loves data and has over 10 years of experience managing all aspects of PPC. He runs our PPC team and his passion is ensuring our customers have long term relationships with Push. Likes extremely spicy food and is constantly eating.

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lawrence johnson
May 31st 2016

Thanks Charlie, I wasn't expecting much to change, boy I was wrong! When do these changes take place?



Charlie Carroll
June 08th 2016

No problem Lawrence. The new ad formats they have mentioned end of July/August as a potential roll out, the interface will be a steady change running into 2017 though. We have beta access to the expanded text ads on a number of customers at the moment and so far the results are much higher than the 20% uplift so very positive so far.