Say Goodbye To Promotional Text & Hello To Automated Extensions For Shopping Ads (PLAs)

By Neeraj Maisuria, February 22nd 2016 in Ecommerce
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Till only recently, if you wanted your PLAs to stand out, you may have set up promotional text on an ad group level in your shopping campaign. Many of us used to most commonly use this feature to highlight a price drop or free shipping  (both my hands are up) – but this was good practice.


However, times have changed! You may have noticed this text no longer appears & that is because Google has caught on to what we’ve been doing and tried to make all our lives easier by retiring this feature and replacing it with something called automated extension for shopping ads.

Now, with no additional work required, these are displayed alongside your shopping ads. They work by using existing in your merchant center settings and data to automatically show any price drops & free shipping in a consistent form.

Google say they are already seeing great initial results & receiving positive feedback from shoppers. See the example below:


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How to separate your PLAs against the competition

After reading the above, you may now be wondering how you can separate your listings from the competition – so let me explain a few ways that you still can!

If you want to highlight other offers, then you need to be taking advantage of these shopping extensions:

  • Merchant Promotions
  • Product Ratings
  • Trusted Stores

Merchant promotions give you the opportunity to share discount and promo codes in your PLAs. Not only will they help you to boost your click through rate (CTR), but also give shoppers a reason to buy now.

To participate, you need to first submit your interest at this link.


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Product ratings show on PLAs with a 5 star rating system and count of how many reviews there are in total. We know product reviews (if positive) have a positive affect on a purchase decision, which makes this an excellent extension to use too.


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Trusted stores is a certification awarded by Google to show your website is a great place to shop. There are a few ways you can benefit from having this certification, but sharpening up your PLAs is one of the top ways. See link for more information.



If you’re not already doing any of the above, then you are missing a trick with PLAs. My advice is to take action now to improve your results!

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