5 Reasons You Should Be Using Call Tracking

By Jai Khan, September 01st 2015 in Conversions
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5 Reasons You Should Be Using Call Tracking

If you are a business who gets leads or sales via the telephone number on your website and you run Adwords campaigns then you absolutely need to be tracking where those calls come from. Below are our top 5 reasons for implementing a call tracking system into the accounts we work with.

1. Call Tracking ensures you spend your money on the right keywords and improves your ROI.

If you don’t know what keywords generate telephone calls for you then how can you make good decisions on your account? Call tracking allows you to see which keywords generate calls for your business allowing you to allocate your budget to spend more on those words.

2. Call Tracking lets you assess the quality of your leads.

When looking at your Google Adwords campaigns it’s great knowing which keywords lead to telephone calls but what if some of those telephone calls are not very good? Good call tracking systems let you record your telephone calls so that you can listen back to them and assess the quality. Some systems even allow you to set up a survey after the call so that you can record the sale or lead quality yourself immediately. It could be as simple as pressing 1 for a sale and 2 for no sale or could be more complex and be broken down into several sections.

3. Call Tracking gives you an opportunity to coach your teams and improve call handling.

We often come across people who don’t think they are getting a good return from Adwords, despite seeing several leads being tracked. Upon listening to telephone calls we then discover that actually business is being lost by poor call handling. Even if the teams are generally pretty good there’s always more to learn and we’ve seen training programs rolled out to help staff improve their skills which in turn has resulted in an increasing conversion rate from the leads Adwords brings the business.

4. Call Tracking can be used with offline marketing too.

Call tracking systems allow you to buy unique numbers which you can use for offline marketing e.g. if you are looking to do some press with some different newspapers and magazines you can create a dedicated number for each of them and track the calls each one delivers. This gives you a true picture of how successful these campaigns have been and allows you to decide on whether or not it’s been profitable for you.

5. Call Tracking gives you customer insight.

Listening into calls won’t only give you information about how the calls are handled. It’s also an opportunity for you to listen to your customers too and get insights from them. You may notice for example a common trend of customers enquiring about the same thing and may decide you need to make this information more readily available on your website.

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