Using Remarketing To Rengage With Lost Traffic

By Ricky Solanki, September 10th 2015 in Remarketing
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Why Implement Remarketing?

The answer to the above question is actually quite simple. Often businesses just expect people to buy if they have a great advert and offer on a well layed out page.  We are however all to easily distracted from the growing number of distractions. Whats Apps, Social Media, TV, Mobile Phone. It is the norm for someone to be surrounded with multiple devices at any one time and holding a prospective customers attention is getting harder. With mobile people are often on the move while visiting your site say walking to the tube.

A distraction will mean , they may put off the purchasing to some other time. And, “some other time” may as well turn out to be never. In such cases, you can’t just say that “it’s just one transaction that we have lost” and carry on. You should strive to bring back the potential customer and get them to complete the transaction. That is where remarketing comes in help you rengage with your lost traffic.

CPC’s for remarketing are often lower than first click

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Implementing Remarketing Ads

So, how do you remarket ads to users who came to your website but did not complete an action.

To get started you need to just add some code from adwords on your site then create a list based on rules.

You can tag all users who visit your site, except those who have completed a action/transaction, and then identify them on a particular list.

You can also tag those users who have completed a transaction and put them on a separate list. Now you have lists available they can be used as target groups for your remarketing campaigns. You should remarket to not only those who did not complete an action but also to those who did.

For the latter group, though, your ad bids can be quite low but you can set your cookie duration to 360 days so for the next year they can see banners and texts adverts with offer messages or just for you to keep you brand in front of them.

Starting Your Campaign

Visit the shared library section of your ad account. There, you’ll find the audiences sub-section. Here, if you have a main list, then you can make use of the remarketing code by clicking on Tag next to the main list and then following directions.

This is illustrated below:


If you want to create lists based on rules, though, you will have to click “+Audience” and then choose “remarketing list”. You will then be guided through the procedure to create the list. Choose your settings as per your needs. After your lists are ready, create a campaign and click on the “display network” tab. Then proceed to “interests & remarketing”, and then to “+Change Display Settings”. You will be able to add the lists that you have to remarketing lists. You finish by creating and uploading your ads.

What adverts?

There are over 20 sizes for all devices and there is also a way to have a html version that will adjust for all devices. Within Google there is a basic designer where it creates a banner from your web page and you can edit the image and copy once made.

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