Using RLSAs Effectively

By Ricky Solanki, November 05th 2015 in Remarketing
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What Are RLSAs and Why Use Them?

RLSAs, short for remarketing lists for search ads, are a way to target a very specific audience: those online users who have a history of having visited your website. There are a couple of reasons for you to make use of them

1) It is another way for you to be in front of those users who visited your website but did not take the action that you were expecting

2) It is more effective than banner remarketing as you can be so much more targeted and it is based on search intent on Google search

Yes it is really is.

5 Steps to Successful Search Remarketing

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Step 1

Target all website visitors who did not take an action on your website using the remarketing lists

Step 2

Apply the audience to all you campaigns. Ensure the setting you use is bid only. NOT target and bid. If you use target and bid you will be changing your campaigns to only serve to your remarketing audience.

Step 3

Increase your bid to this list as you know they have been to your site before and will be again searching for keywords within your campaign.

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Step 4

With behavioural segmentation you can bring in lists from analytics like making a list of those who spent longer than average on your site or visited more than the average number of pages.

Step 5

Adding broader keywords is where you can make the most benefit from RSLA’s. Normally budgets won’t allow you to bid on broader keywords but if they have been on your site before you might be willing to make sure your brand is in front of them on these keywords.

You would create a new campaign for these broader keywords and change the setting to target and bit so this only applies to those on your remarketing list.

The way you could use broader keywords is if you sold running shoes and had a campaign for “nike running shoes” if then that same person who came to your site under that search term you might be willing to appear on a term like “running shoes” which might be too broad for your campaigns to deliver a on target cost per sale but in this case your could appear with an advert with a 10% discount on all running shoes as this is someone clearly showing high intent.

Additionally using these broader campaigns means you will find out more search queries that are leading to clicks. You can use this to build more keyword themes and increase your negative clicks.

There is a blog post on finding search queries>>

These are just some of the points to keep in mind and implement for effective use of RLSAs. When it comes to remarketing ads, not everything will work for every category of users and for all types of your offerings. Trial and error is a part of developing successful ads. You will have to experiment to figure out the best approach.

Ricky Solanki

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