Video Micro-Moments: What Do They Mean for Your Video Strategy?

By Grant Barber, November 20th 2015 in YouTube
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Video Micro-Moments: What Do They Mean for Your Video Strategy?

Now that video consumption has gone from primetime to all-the-time, how can brands capitalize on video micro-moments?

  • Three hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
  • We can choose from a nearly limitless library of on-demand content.
  • That makes what we choose to watch more personal than ever.

Video consumption has gone from primetime to all-the-time

Now that personalized entertainment is more convenient than ever, users are experiencing bursts of video content anywhere, anytime. To address this shift in behaviour, we need a new marketing model wrapped around video strategy.When consumers look for answers, discover new things, or make decisions, they often turn to a device for help.

Google call these micro-moments

They can happen in search, on your  website and more and more so on YouTube. These moments of intent are redefining the purchase stages consumers travel though. People want the right information right away. There is an opportunity to connect with consumers through video and this is a massively growing opportunity due to the millions of these moments.  To win at video micro-moments, you have to know how to identify them and how to act on them.

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There are three ways to make sure you’re staying relevant and useful in moments that really matter:

  1. Identify the micro-moments where your audience’s goals and your goals overlap. Customers visit YouTube millions of times each day, looking for videos that meet their needs, wants, and interests. We need to imaging the customer journey as a collection of these moments.
  2. Be there when your audience is looking with useful content that answers customer needs. Once you understand how you map to consumers’ video micro-moments, you can build a plan to be there when people are looking. The first step is creating relevant, useful YouTube content that adds value in those moments. Then ensuring you show up when they need you, via paid search or with shopping ads on YouTube.
  3. Help your audience find you, even when they’re not looking, with relevant video ads. Even when people aren’t actively looking for answers, company’s can enhance their experience by showing messaging that’s relevant to their interests. That means going beyond demographic targeting and connecting with viewers based on signals of intent or context.

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