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By Reece Groves, November 03rd 2015 in Landing pages and conversion
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Increased number of abandoning visitors hurt conversion rates

Many businesses face the issue of page visitors leaving the landing page without leading into a conversion. The norm is over 90% and in some cases 99%.  For smaller businesses with restricted marketing budgets this is clearly an issue. Businesses might think that for every abandoning visitor they might have an interested and potential visitor who might actually be interested in the product or service. PPC visitors who essentially have come to your landing page by clicking on an ad may not be someone who is actually looking for your product offering and hence they prefer to leave. However some may not find it easy to understand if your product or service is suitable for them or they might just want it there and then . The short attention span of internet users, which is getting shorter and shorter, does not make the entire task easy. Since it is important to get as many conversions as possible through your ads, you should take steps to attract and hold to attention the PPC visitors who come to your landing page. Here are some ways you can do so and bring down the number of abandoning visitors.

Are your visitors relevant?

Some of traffic may just be unqualified and you might be wasting your time trying to ever get them to take action.

Use tools in Adwords like dimensions to see if your campaigns are delivering traffic from certain areas that do not convert as they are too far from you and those searching want a more local business.

If you do service those areas make sure you say on the page.

Set up a filter in Adwords to check which areas have had no conversions

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.56.38

This business is focused in the South East of England.

Either the business needs to make it clear they service areas like Manchester, Stockport, Nottingham and Chester or exclude those areas from the campaign.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.56.59

Use Google Analytics

Use Analytics to identify which keywords have lowest time on site. There will be some that could be culled.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 11.05.27

Use exit overlay technology

Exit overlay technology produces an overlay on the website as someone goes to leave your site. This is based on some clever technology that detects mouse movement to exit a page. The overlay should be used with an action in mind. The most common use to encourage an action to leave an e-mail address for a something of value e.g. report, whitepaper, pdf, offer. Find out more on Exit Overlays

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Which of The Following Do You Use

Find out why your visitors are leaving

Studying user behaviour of your visitors can give you an idea as to why they might be abandoning your page. While a visitor is on your page, or has your page open, you can find out what amount of time they are spending on your website. This will give you an idea about their needs and requirements and what exactly they might be looking for. Then, look into your website’s landing pages to find out what elements are missing and how can you improve it to attract and keep the visitor focused throughout the time they spend on your website. Using other methods like ad remarketing in which you ensure your ads are being shown to visitors who have already visited you to keep your website fresh in their mind. This continuous reminder will result into a conversion at a future date for those that were interested.

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