How Important Is Diversity To Business Success?

By Steven Hyde, November 28th 2018 in Uncategorized
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Is driving diversity a load of fluff or does it count for something?

Last month in Dublin Push picked up the Google European award for Growing Business Online. We were the only UK agency to win from the thousands of European Partner agencies. The team at Push have now won a Google award three years in a row including the Global Award for Innovation in Mobile Marketing. Naturally, agencies are asking us “How do you keep winning?”, “What’s your secret?”.

I really do not mind sharing what we think makes us special and you already know what it is from the title above. It is our diversity that sets us apart. Having a team from the widest possible mixture of backgrounds absolutely kills off complacency. All of our team know instinctively that there is no barrier to what they can achieve, no glass ceiling, no special favours for people from the right background.

Ricky and I as founders of Push take this attitude of openness and inclusion as given and we remain surprised that more businesses don’t take the same approach. We see articles in renowned, long-running marketing and advertising publications about the need for diversity in Ad Agencies year after year but little changes in these businesses, especially those long established.