Why you should NOT bid on your brand terms on Google!

By Emma Meins, October 30th 2017 in Ad words
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You should not bid if you want poor performance and your competitors to prosper from your brand! 

So, why should you bid on your own brand?

This is one of the top questions our account managers get asked when hosting events with small or big corporations or when they are on their weekly call with clients. It is a good question and this article will help explain to you why it is so essential to bid on your own branded keywords.

To clarify, a brand campaign is a campaign that only entails keywords that contain your brand name. There are multiple reasons as to why you should bid on your own brand name. A very simple reason for bidding on your brand name is that it more often than not it is inexpensive. It has a high CTR which gives it a high Quality Score, resulting in a low CPC and who does not want that?

In relation to competitors

Another reason why you should be bidding on you brand name is due to competitors. Competitors can be bidding on your brand name which means that they will show up instead of you when people search for your company on Google. By bidding on your own brand name you make sure that your brand is being showed when people search for your company. Your Organic position can change depending on the location of the user.

Another reason for bidding on your brand is that you limit the association your customers get between that of your brand and your competitors. If customers click on what they think is your ad but what really is your competitors, and they are sent to a slow or irrelevant website, you do not want your potential customer to be associated with this experience. Hence, another reason why you should always bid on your own brand terms.

Even though you might turn up as the first on the organic searches, searchers will still be shown up to four paid ads above the organic results. A lot of people do not differentiate between the paid ads and organic results when they are searching on Google or Bing. Thus, if you do not show up in one of the ads, the chances of potential customers clicking on one of your competitors ads increases.

Trust us, we have multiple accounts with campaigns that have competitors keywords to steer the searcher to our clients.

In order to control your message

When creating different ad copy for your brand campaign you get the chance to test out what message is working the best. You can use this data to optimise your organic listing text. You don’t only get the chance to test your text, but you can also test what page you should send your customer to. This messaging can be changed and set live in seconds as opposed to weeks to change organic text.

This is perfect for when you want to change the message when you have an update, an offer or want to get current message across the to the searcher.

Brand performance

Studies have shown that paid ads convert better than organic listings, up to four times as much. Also, by having paid ads together with organic listings it increases the amount of clicks by 32%.

If you also have display campaigns and non-brand campaigns running you should keep an eye on your brand campaign. The other campaigns may help increase the awareness of your brand and lead to an increase in conversions from your branding campaign.

You can argue that when creating a brand campaign it may result in a decrease in clicks on your organic listings. But we have seen that it at the same time leads to an overall lift in performance.

Remember that most of the time users will remember the brand name once they have engaged with your adverts. If you have a Display campaign to engage with users promoting awareness of your products and brand. When the user is ready to take more action they will more often than not ‘google’ the brand term. 

It works!

To summarise, having a branding campaign is:

  • Low cost, thus only taking up a small portion of your overall budget.
  • Will help increase awareness and visibility of your brand.
  • Will help increase conversions.
  • Limit the amount of traffic your competitors can get from people searching for your brand.
  • Help you optimise your organic listings.

If you are limited on time and not able to test this out for yourself, get in touch and we will help you with the process.

If you are in Denmark give us a call on +45 78 76 92 05 or meet us in our office at SOHO, kødbyen.

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